Skin Health

Caring for your skin is an important daily routine, right up there with brushing your teeth. If you don’t already have this self-care ritual in place, make 2018 the year to honour the skin you’re in.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and requires specific skincare ingredients and nutrients as well as self-care to preserve and restore its health. Just as your body needs food as fuel to function, your skin need nutrients to thrive—malnourished skin is a real thing.

Choose the Right Topical Hydration

When beginning a skincare routine, your main focus should be on hydration. Generally, when we think of hydrating our skin, the first thing that comes to mind is a moisturizer; however, this is only part of the hydration equation. Since our skin is comprised of multiple layers, moisturizer only addresses the outermost layer; the epidermis, and simply cannot penetrate deeper. The second layer is called the dermal layer, which is home to collagen, elastin, and our precious hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid retains 500 times its weight in water—resulting in plump and very well hydrated skin. Over time our hyaluronic acid stores decline, so daily topical application is key to hydrated, healthy skin.

The only type of product that can penetrate the dermal layer to create deep hydration is a water-based serum—no moisturizer or oil can ever reach it. This is critical information and the reason why a well-formulated water-based serum should be the foundation of any effective skincare routine. Not only do water-based serums prevent and resolve dehydration, they bathe and nourish your collagen, keeping it supple and moist.

Nourish Your Skin From Within

Honouring our bodies with cell enlivening, nutrient-rich foods will not only awaken your natural glow, but they will elevate your overall well-being. Remember, Mother Earth provides the most nutrient abundant foods for our bodies so, when shopping in the grocery store, focus on filling your cart with plant-based foods, which provide an abundance of antioxidants to protect your collagen from oxidative damage. Eating high quality nutrients with lots of fibre helps to keep our internal systems running smoothly and to eliminate any buildup of toxins. Since our skin is our largest organ, and an organ of elimination, when our bodies are over-burdened with poor quality foods, we can see the impacts of this on our skin.

This can result in acne, dull complexion and other skin related issues. Try starting your day with a fruit and veggie enriched smoothie and incorporate lots of soups, stews and steamed veggies, which are all great ways to stay hydrated and nourish your skin during these dry, cold winter months.

Practice Daily Meditation

Along with a healthy diet and active topical care, radiant skin requires inner self-care too. Intuitively, we know a plant won’t flower if it’s not healthy from root to leaf. Our beauty is like that flower—there is an undeniable connection between our emotional selves and our skin’s health and beauty. If mind, body or spirit is unhealthy, we can never bloom. Nothing takes a toll on the skin like prolonged, untreated stress. Meditation is a wonderful antidote to this. Begin by simply sitting in silence for five-ten minutes a day, placing awareness on your breath, knowing that each moment of presence brings you closer to your own true beauty.