Vista Ambassador Program


Ambassador ProgramIn 23+ years, we’ve learned that nothing matters more than people. People are at the centre of all we do. And over time, people change. Media and brand advertising needs to change too.

As a result, Vista Magazine delivers brand and product content through our exclusive #VistaMagCanada Ambassador Program. The Ambassador program provides proven promotional power and real influencer reach. It has driven dozens of brand campaigns through our 500+ Ambassadors who have generated more than 1 million views per month on verified mentions of #VistaMagCanada to date in 2020.

Our Ambassadors’ audiences are mostly women aged 25-45 who are health enthusiasts. Our group contains many alpha moms and predominantly those females who hold domestic buying power.

Why an Ambassador program?

While social media use is high, so is the skepticism of corporate social media. Our society is apprehensive to spend money. Fake reviews can be spotted. Scripted words from actors are useful for awareness but for trust, people favour proof of value, real opinions from real people.

Influencers are those real people. They create brand awareness and they show rather than only tell. Influencers have specific knowledge and interests. Many of those interests are shared by their audience, and so these influencers are seen as honest sources, no matter the size of their following. Influencer marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of sharing only with friends, social media allows customers to influence strangers.


Ambassador ProgramMicro-influencers who are recognized as subject matter experts are well-suited toward health and wellness brands because trust is essential. With so many niches in the wellness space, these experts specialize in particular areas that can be matched to the brand’s products and goals. Niches might be broader or more narrow.

For example, some health coaches specialize in women’s overall health, and some might be even more specialized in hormone health. Some nutritionists are experts in gut health, or the brain-gut connection, or the overall microbiome. Some practitioners are general mental health experts, while others might niche down into depression or dementia, or ADHD. If your product solves a problem, our ambassadors will help communicate how.

About our Ambassador community

Vista’s ambassadors are micro-influencers. We do not pay our brand ambassadors. They select campaigns to opt into. They may want to try the product, already know and love the product or may want to make a recipe with it. The ambassadors in our community generally choose what aligns with them and their values.

The Ambassador process

A select number of ambassadors will be sent your product for them to showcase on Instagram through a post with appropriate hashtags and product information. The image aesthetic will be decided by the Ambassador. Hashtags and product information will be provided by the client.

Content rights

You (the client) are permitted and encouraged to repost and share content produced by Vista’s ambassadors. This may include posts, recipes, unboxing stories, or other text, images, and video.

What’s included in the program

Vista will archive all content produced and forward it to you throughout the program. After the campaign, you will receive a customized eBook and useful metrics such as reach for associated posts, the number of impressions, the impressions resulting in hashtags, and other insights.


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