Breathing Room

When accompanied by action, positive affirmations can be part of a daily practice that helps women transform into the people they long to be.

Positive affirmations are a way of speaking into reality what we hope to experience. And research shows that spiritual practices like these are associated with better health for women. That means, by repeating a specially chosen affirmation in the morning, women can drive real transformation in their lives.

But there’s an art to the practice of positive affirmations. Speaking words like “I will be happy” won’t work if the affirmation is not paired with action. Though research shows that affirmations do help people deal with their most difficult thoughts and emotions, they simply aren’t as powerful on their own.

Here’s what you can keep in mind as you practice the art of positive affirmations:

1. Choose affirmations that express your intentions

What words best express your deepest longings, your core intentions? Are you struggling with anything in particular? Do you have a sense that you need to transform in a particular way? How would you describe that transformation?

2. Pursue deeper inner work

The words on their own aren’t cure-alls. Make sure that you’re also working to better understand your inner self. Perhaps start your day by journaling, then spend a few minutes repeating affirmations. Ensure that your affirmations connect with what your intuition is telling you about yourself. To do that, you must spend time in quiet reflection.

3. Take action steps

What do your affirmations tell you about the steps you need to take? What is the first thing you could do to make your desires become realities? Once again, affirmations aren’t cure-alls; they don’t work in isolation. But when they go hand in hand with action steps, they are incredibly transformative.