Back to school time means kids need space to relax, focus, and study. Here are a few tips for ensuring your children’s study space sets them up for success.

Device-Free Zones

It goes without saying that smartphones, tablets, and other plugged-in devices aren’t conducive to concentration. Make your child’s study zone a haven of low-tech, old fashioned focus. If he or she needs a computer to complete work, figure out approximately how long it is needed and don’t make it a fixed feature of the study space.

Distraction-Free Desks

Child psychologist Lori Woodring recommends that desks be placed facing away from doors and windows. Although a view of the backyard is pleasant, it can be quite distracting.

Fun Calendars

Make a fun, visually appealing calendar that highlights important dates like deadlines. You and your child can decorate each month of the calendar to celebrate the seasons, holidays, and events that are significant to your family. Use beeswax crayons to create a soft, organic effect.

Relaxed Reading Area

If you want to encourage your child to read books, make a special place where he or she can do exactly that. A big chair, a nest of pillows, a beanbag chair…figure out what makes your child feel the coziest and create that ideal zone for learning.

Colour Coded De-Cluttering

Study areas should be clutter-free. Make putting things away more intuitive for your child by creating colour coded containers. For example, you could put toys in green bins, school supplies in blue bins, and craft supplies in purple bins.