Let’s talk about this moment we’re in for a minute. Last year, the word “feminism” became Merriam-Webster’s word of the year, while this year is being dubbed The Year of the Woman. Despite the dark corners it arises from, our collective show of strength and resolve is on display in glorious ways. As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements reverberate around the world, more and more women are empowered to stand up for equality and lead the way for a younger generation.

This March, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, there is a call to #PressForProgress, so that we can all reach our full potential and I’m proud to stand alongside my fellow females and PRESS!

We’re experiencing a transformative moment that we should all be proud of. But, we can’t forget that we’re at the beginning of a huge cultural shift that’s going to take time and endurance to stick with. Endurance requires strength. And strength requires wellness. That’s what this issue is all about.

I’m a big advocate for “big picture” health. To me, that means finding balance in all the different areas of your life that make you whole: nutrition, rest, stress, love, fitness…ALL of it. As a woman, it takes a bit extra. Not because we have periods, or pregnancy or extra hormonal health issues, (or heels sometimes) but because our worth and our integrity are under constant scrutiny from within and without. We need to know that we are worthy; truly worthy – no matter what. Self-love gives us strength.

It takes strong women to help lift others, which is why I’m so excited about this issue centred on Women’s Health, with an all-star line up of wonder women contributors who are lending their expert wisdom on topics such as rebalancing your hormones after being “on the pill” and why your period should be considered a fifth vital sign.

Meet Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant, who’s created Know Your Endo to help raise awareness about endometriosis, a painfully common but misunderstood condition. Take a glimpse into a day in the life of TV host and sexual health advocate, Cynthia Loyst and get to know our Organic Entrepreneur, Lee Capitina, who founded a thriving business selling clarified butter with Lee’s Ghee. Read about Valerie Pringle’s mission to end the stigma around mental health issues and see why celebrity trainer, Koya Webb, wants to redefine core conditioning.

The one thing all of these women have in common is that they’re on a mission to help and they’re putting their best foot forward every day. I admire them all and am grateful for their involvement here. They’ve reminded me to feel optimistic about the year ahead and to take the time to appreciate all the wonder women I’m lucky enough to have in my life.

To progress!

Kim D’Eon
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