How to Eat Mindfully While Doing Everything at Home

Remember when we use to have breakfast in silence? Breakfast was a place and time to mentally prepare for your day, and dinner time was a time to unwind and realize that your day was done as soon as you sat with your loved ones to enjoy a meal.


Now, with working from home, it’s like breakfast has become the time when work begins and working through lunch and dinner is expected and considered “normal.” 


It’s so easy to make a delicious meal and enjoy it while sitting in front of our computers and phones to multitask. Until- you realize that you really didn’t enjoy one single bite that you took and can’t even remember hauling back your meal because you weren’t present. (I think we are all guilty of eating something and then wondering if we actually ate it or not because we weren’t giving it our attention). This can lead to poor eating habits while working like overeating, stress eating, emotional eating and even poor digestion. 


Eating mindfully can be challenging, let alone adding this distraction of working or scrolling on your phone while eating. Mindful eating is the idea of having that in-the-moment awareness of the foods and beverages that you are putting into your body. It focuses on observing how the food makes you feel such as the signals your body sends you about the taste, satisfaction and if you are full or still hungry. 


When you are eating and working/scrolling on your phone at the same time, you aren’t able to keep your focus in both places. Setting these boundaries with your screen time is very important for your mindful eating practice. Read our top tips on how to eat mindfully while doing everything at home


Here are a few tips to help you focus on being present and eating mindfully at home.


How to Eat Mindfully



  • Schedule your dinner.

 When you are done work, schedule your dinner as if you were going out for dinner. Take the time to make a meal and enjoy it. A great way to enjoy your dinner is by setting the table, lighting a candle, putting on some music and enjoy each bite to the fullest. 



  • Enjoy a meal with a loved one.

When company is involved, it makes it much easier to put the phone away so you can give your full attention to those you are with. Plan your dinners with your family or your significant other to allow yourself to have more social time. 



  • Put all electronics in another room and shut the door.

If you’ve tried everything but can’t seem to stop yourself from that urge to check your phone, take your phone and put it in another room away from where you are eating, and shut the door. 



Remember that you have control over your screen and it does not control you. You deserve a break! Allow your meals to be times to refuel your body and also to recharge your mind. 


Hope Monaco is a certified yoga teacher. She creates easy, simple, and delicious plant-based recipes for all on her website,

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How to Eat Mindfully While Doing Everything at Home