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Whether it’s homeopathy, supplements, paleo, veganism, or any of the other multitude of natural health modalities, their goal is the same; to make people feel better. Today I’m joined by a pioneer of the natural health industry, Deane Parkes. In 1975, when Deane bought his first health food store, it was the only one in North Vancouver, and companies were afraid of putting “omega 3’s” on product labels. How the world has changed!

In this episode, you’ll hear about the role that Deane, a natural health hall-of-famer, has played in influencing this change, and what his fascinating journey through the natural health industry has looked like. We also discuss some of the major trends that are taking place in natural health, and what you can expect from the future. Deane has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and has an unending passion for this field which is so vital to the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of people across the world!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing natural health hall-of-famer, Deane Parkes.
  • Where Deane’s involvement in the natural health industry began.
  • Growth that the natural health industry has experienced since 1975 (the year Deane bought his first health food store).
  • The shared goal of all the different health food modalities.
  • Deane shares what his journey in the health food industry has looked like.
  • How the sentiment towards omega 3’s has changed over the years.
  • A quick lesson in the importance of vitamin D.
  • Some of the famous natural health guru’s Deane has worked with.
  • Two of Deane’s most memorable moments from his career in natural health.
  • One of the biggest challenges facing the natural health industry today.
  • Advantages of shopping at a health food store.
  • The natural health habit that Deane is most proud of.
  • Major trends that are currently taking place in the natural health industry.
  • Why health food stores are the biggest natural health influencers.
  • Unique value that health food stores provide.
  • How the natural health industry is expected to grow.
  • What Deane thinks we can expect from the natural health industry in the future.

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