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When most of us think of seaweed, what comes to mind is the slimy stuff that we avoid when we’re swimming in the sea. What comes to the mind of Amanda Swinimer is one of the world’s best, and most sustainable superfoods, which is also responsible for the absorption of a third of global atmospheric carbon dioxide!

Amanda, ‘the mermaid of the Pacific,’ is the founder of Dakini Tidal Wilds, and is on a mission to educate the world about the remarkable properties of this under-appreciated member of the algae family.

In today’s episode, get ready for a deep dive into the variety of types of seaweed that exist, why we should all incorporate seaweed into our diet, and the importance of protecting our wild seaweed stocks. If you’re hesitant about consuming seaweed, Amanda has products and recipe ideas that are sure to convert even the biggest skeptics!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Examples of the different types of edible seaweeds.
  • Amanda’s favorite seaweed to snack on.
  • The limited variety of seaweeds sold in the shops.
  • How different types of seaweeds are used in meals.
  • Unique minerals found in seaweed.
  • Some of the major health benefits of seaweed.
  • The “user friendly” version of seaweed that Amanda sells.
  • A fun fact about dark sea lettuce.
  • Compounds in seaweeds that excite Amanda the most.
  • The sustainability potential of seaweed as a food source.
  • Factors contributing to the decline of kelp in the oceans.
  • Impacts of the decline in kelp on ocean ecosystems.
  • How we can all do our part to protect kelp and other seaweeds.
  • Why you should be checking the sources of the seaweed that you buy.
  • An explanation from Amanda about the spiritual side of seaweed.
  • One of Amanda’s favorite ways to cook seaweed.

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