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Between the constant hand washing, social distancing, and mask-wearing of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed that colds and flu were a thing of the past. Now that we’re all experiencing some sort of return to normalcy, however, they are back with a vengeance and our poor immune systems are struggling to cope!

That’s why, in today’s episode, we speak with herbal wizard, Joel Thuna, about some of the best ways to support your immunity naturally. Joel is the brains behind Pure-Lē Natural, Canada’s oldest herbal company.

Tune in as he shares his insight and knowledge with us, from which adaptogens to reach for to help your body cope with stress and how to boost immunity using polysaccharides and fungus to getting the right amount of the right species of probiotics and the importance of getting sufficient sleep. We also discuss micronutrients, the value of whole foods, and vitamin D, as well as vitamin K2, so make sure not to miss this jam-packed and informative conversation!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Joel comments on the anomaly of the last year and why no one experienced colds or flu.
  • How we can support our immune system naturally, starting with reducing stress.
  • The role that proper sleep and nutrition play in helping your body cope with stress.
  • First, Joel shares the adaptogens to reach for: Siberian Ginseng or Imperial Ginseng.
  • How ginseng combats stress hormones, enabling you to perform better.
  • Understanding the multiple systems that make up your immune system, including your gut.
  • The second most effective way to boost immunity using polysaccharides and fungus.
  • Find out why Chaga is Joel’s favourite mushroom and some of its uses and benefits.
  • Third on our list are probiotics; how to get the right amounts of the right species.
  • Why it is important to ensure that there is a prebiotic included in your probiotic product.
  • Number four for boosting immunity is sufficient sleep, which helps our bodies repair themselves and get rid of waste.
  • Tips for improving the quality of your sleep, including chamomile or lavender tea.
  • Learn more about number five on our list; micronutrients and how to get them from food.
  • Finally, hear about the sixth best way to boost your immunity naturally: vitamin D.
  • The interaction between vitamins D and K2 and why Joel always takes them together.
  • Find out why sunshine isn’t an adequate source for us to get enough vitamin D.
  • Understanding the difference between vitamin D2 and D3 and the best sources of both.

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