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Today’s guest believes that a longer, happier, healthier life starts with eating nutritious food, and her organization, Thrive for Good, empowers people with the training and simple tools they need to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life. Linda Bolton is the Co-owner and CEO of Natural Calm Canada and one of the Top 100 Canadian Health Influencers and Female Entrepreneurs.

Tuning in, you’ll hear from Linda as she shares the unusual story of how she became an entrepreneur and how her passion actually lies across the ocean in Africa, where Thrive for Good is sowing the seeds of change. Learn why she believes everyone should spend time in a developing country and how her one-month seminars educate communities about organic agriculture and natural medicine, and Linda also shares her advice for other female entrepreneurs and highlights the amazing benefits of magnesium, which she calls the spark of life. Tune in today to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Linda reflects on being a top 100 health influencer and her passion for helping people.
  • Learn about Thrive for Good and how Linda discovered the amazing powers of magnesium.
  • Transforming communities by teaching sustainable, natural, and organic agriculture.
  • Why Linda believes that everyone should have to spend some time in a developing country.
  • Hear more about Thrive for Good’s one-month seminar and hands-on training programs.
  • Educating communities about natural medicine using indigenous plants like moringa.
  • How Thrive for Good works to improve the livelihoods of orphans and mothers.
  • Linda’s advice for female entrepreneurs who may be experiencing doubt: when following your dream, you have to jump in with both feet!
  • Why she wouldn’t change a thing if she had to start over again; you learn by trial and error.
  • Time for the lighting round; discover things like Linda’s healthy morning habits, her guilty pleasures, and her favourite superfoods.
  • Linda also shares her renewed love for painting and some of the creations she is making.
  • Linda compares magnesium citrate and its benefits to other magnesium compounds.
  • Why she calls magnesium the “spark of life” and how you can get enough of it through food.
  • How magnesium combats stress and anxiety and why it is essential for your health.
  • Learn about Natural Calm’s Calm Sleep product and the function of melatonin.
  • Find out how you can make a difference; become a monthly donor for Thrive for Good.
  • Linda talks about Joyce, a Thrive for Good trainer that inspires her every day.

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