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You will probably agree that the immune system is pretty impressive but, for millions, it isn’t winning the battle against COVID-19. Are there natural medicines that are effective in the fight against this virus? Or is this yet another story where the claims outweigh the evidence?

Well, this episode takes a closer look at what research studies have found when it comes to COVID and natural medicine. Listen in as Ted Snider of The Natural Path Newsletter shares some of the wealth of research available on natural health, despite popular perceptions to the contrary.

He highlights the benefits of supplementing with vitamin D, getting enough fibre, and eating an organic, plant-based diet, particularly when it comes to the outcome of a COVID infection. He also shares some insight into the benefits of herbs like black seed, elderberry, and Andrographis.

Ted and his wife, Linda Woolven, have been writing and producing The Natural Path newsletter for 23 years and their natural health column has appeared in major Ontario newspapers, including The Toronto Star. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where you can read the books, newsletter, and research that Ted and his wife write.
  • The wealth of research available on natural health, despite the impressions many may have.
  • Hear more about the benefits of vitamin D, including its applications for COVID-19.
  • Vitamin D’s powerful effect on nearly every known ailment, from depression to heart disease.
  • How much vitamin D you need to supplement with, even when you get a lot of sunshine.
  • What impact diet has on the outcome of a COVID infection; the benefits of getting enough flavonoids and fibre, for example.
  • The gut and COVID and the connection between probiotics and your immune system.
  • Hear more about Pure-lé Natural’s Organic Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops from Joel Thuna.
  • Find out how a simple herb like black seed (known by its scientific name, Nigella sativa) can block the COVID virus from entering cells.
  • Ted cites a study conducted with black seed and COVID patients that proved it helped patients recover in half the time of the placebo.
  • Some of the other proven benefits of black seed’s active ingredient, thymoquinone.
  • Elderberry against viral infections and its exciting potential in the fight against COVID.
  • Learn more about quercetin and why Ted has been taking it himself during the pandemic.
  • Why you should pay attention to Indian echinacea or Andrographis, one of the most effective herbs for fighting respiratory infections.
  • Questions from the hot seat: from why Ted hates coffee to what superpower he would want.

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