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Sometimes, stress can feel like an evil villain that has taken control of your life. But not anymore! In this episode, you’ll learn how to turn stress into your superpower with today’s special guest, Trudy Stone. Trudy is a Certified Culinary Nutritionist, author, and creator of the R.I.S.E method, helping busy, overwhelmed women R.I.S.E above stress and become more calm, resilient, and physically fit. This interview is packed with information about stress, including some of the surprising things you might be doing to make it worse, and about a dozen tips to help you master the way you respond to stress so that it no longer has such immense power over you, so make sure to tune in today to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • While you can never be free from stress, you can master how you react to it!
  • Judy explains the different elements of her R.I.S.E. method, starting with R for rumination.
  • The value of looking back on previous challenges you overcame and the lessons you learned from those experiences.
  • Some of the detrimental physical effects of excessive stress, including memory issues.
  • How stress and the standard American diet contributes to inflammation in the body.
  • The benefits of adding anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries and leafy greens to your diet.
  • Learn about the connections between stress, inflammation, and depression.
  • The Lightning Round: discover more about Trudy’s favourite super power, crayon colour, and her go to hot beverage.
  • Moving onto the S in R.I.S.E, which is all about stress-busting nutrients like sweet potatoes.
  • Find out how Trudy likes her green tea with a squeeze of lemon juice, cayenne, and honey.
  • The E in R.I.S.E. is for emphasis on gut health; why your gut is known as your second brain and the benefits of pre- and probiotics.
  • Changes you can make in your lifestyle to reduce stress, including a daily morning ritual.
  • Why it is important to find the root cause of stress, rather than reaching for quick-fixes.
  • Discover some easy ways to combat fatigue, with exercise being the most effective.
  • Social connection and stress: Trudy advises finding ways to stay in touch during COVID.

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