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Many of us enjoy a lovely, calming cup of tea in the morning, but what would you say about chewing on tea leaves in your breakfast smoothie?

On today’s episode of the Natural Health Influencer Podcast, we speak with Tracy Bell, an East Coast Canadian who has traveled around the world visiting tea estates, interviewing farmers and tea sommeliers to better understand how one can obtain the optimal health benefits that tea has to offer.

It was on this journey that she discovered a need for washed, freshly picked tea leaves that would provide maximum health benefits and as a result, Millennia tea was born. Tuning in you’ll hear the incredible, science-backed facts on the medicinal power of green tea.

Tracy gives an introduction to the destructive effect of free radicals and how the antioxidants in green tea are particularly adept at neutralizing them. Later we discuss the ORAC value, which measures the antioxidant power of a food source, and finds that green tea has an exceptionally high score. We also talk about the positive effect that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine has on your brain function and why it’s been difficult for companies to supply tea that preserves all these health benefits the way that Millenia TEA is able to. Join us today for a delightful conversation steeped in facts about the power of tea leaves!

Key Points From This Episode:

An introduction to our guest Tracy Bell and how she co-founded Millenia TEA.How Tracy first became interested in tea and learned about the ability of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.How EGCG is particularly effective at neutralizing free radicals. Tracy’s discovery that all tea comes from the same leaf and the difference between black and green tea is a result of how it’s processed.

Why antioxidants are highest in freshly picked leaves and why tea was originally used as medicine.How Tracy’s search for fresh tea leaves that offer the most health benefits led her to create their company Millenia tea. The biggest tea-producing countries are China, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Why it’s beneficial to eat tea leaves.How Tracy’s company chooses to pick, wash and flash freeze tea leaves to preserve them at their nutritional prime.An introduction to the ORAC value, which measures the antioxidant power of a food source. Raw tea leaves have an exceptionally high ORAC value of 68000.

What Tracy learned from visiting the world’s biggest global tea show.

How commercial barriers to producing and selling frozen tea have prevented companies in the past from making this kind of product available.How L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea leaves, improves alpha waves, resulting in improved brain function.

Why the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is very effective for sustained energy without a crash. Contrary to some common beliefs about tea and bone health, green tea in fact has an osteoprotective effect.

How to identify whether your tea is organic and acquired through free trade.

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