Reduce Period Bloating

PMS symptoms can vary from anxiety and mood swings to acne and bowel changes, but some of the most common symptoms include cramping, abdominal bloating, and excess water weight.⁣

Extreme PMS symptoms can often signal a hormonal imbalance or nutrient deficiency. There are many different approaches to reducing these monthly symptoms and working towards balanced hormones. 

These are some effective go-to natural herbs and minerals that can be used to reduce period bloating, water weight, and cramping during your menstrual cycle.⁣



Magnesium is one of my favourites on this list. Magnesium is a powerful mineral that can reduce abdominal cramping as well as sore muscles. If you experience a sore low back during your menstrual cycle, this mineral will also be beneficial for you.

I suggest taking a magnesium supplement in the days leading up to your period and throughout your period to reduce muscle and abdominal cramping.⁣ I typically suggest taking Magnesium Glycinate for best absorption. I also recommend a topical Magnesium Chloride Spray. This is great to apply directly to the affected area when you feel pain for quick absorption to the affected area.


Raspberry Leaf 

Raspberry Leaf can be consumed in tea form to help tone the uterus and lessen or reduce cramps. ⁣


Reduce Period Bloating


Dandelion and Hibiscus 

Dandelion and Hibiscus are both natural diuretics that help reduce period bloating and remove excess water from the body. They are also beneficial for digestion and can soothe intestinal discomfort. They can be consumed in a tea separately or together.

Black Cohosh and Chaste Tree 

Black Cohosh and Chaste Tree are both herbs that are commonly used to help balance hormones and support a healthy menstrual cycle. They can reduce cramping and other PMS symptoms with continued use.



Turmeric can be used to help reduce inflammation and prostaglandins, which are associated with painful period cramps. ⁣


At Vista Magazine we love the Water B Gone supplement which is a natural diuretic to help with excess water weight and cramping. It also supports natural detoxification in the body. It conveniently contains dandelion, juniper berry, milk thistle, black cohosh, and magnesium into one supplement. Juniper berry is another form of diuretic that helps reduce water weight and support digestive health. Milk thistle supports a healthy liver which helps to detox excess hormones and improves skin complexion.


Be sure to consult with a nutritionist or health care provider for questions regarding your health and supplement routine. 


Laura Brining is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in digestion, immunity, and hormone health. She offers online individual nutrition consulting and shares free plant-based recipes on her website,


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Reduce Period Bloating and Cramps