Fish Fertilizer

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The Fierce Benefits of Fish Fertilization

Fierce Fish fermented fertilizer is a Vancouver Island-made, biologically active, and pollinator-friendly soil food suited for any and all of your growing needs. Fierce Fish was initially created as a brand for the smoked fish business. We later closed this operation, and the brand was shelved temporarily. My wife and I have been farming organically, utilizing permaculture techniques for nine years — to supply our family with healthy organic produce and meat.

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Podcast Ep 53: Deep in the Dirt with Dave McIntyre

In today’s episode, Dave shares some of the best ways to look after your soil; from collecting maple leaves, to using fish fertilizer. Yes, you read that right! If you’re put off by the thought, consider the fact that the ocean is home to every mineral on the planet, and by putting the nutrients absorbed by fish into your soil, you’re transferring them to your plants, and subsequently, to you!

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