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Covid 19 Herbs
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The Most Promising Herbs for COVID-19

Herbs have not received the same kind of attention for COVID as the more famous vitamins like vitamins C and D. This neglect is a potential disservice in the fight against COVID. In China, 90% of COVID patients’ treatments include herbs, and a herbal combination that includes ginger and licorice has led to a positive response in 90% of COVID patients.

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Spring Cleaning Goes Much Deeper Than Cleaning Up Those Closets

I have been a Feng Shui student for over eight years now (constantly learning!), and this is where I first learned about cleansing space and clearing energy.

I have adopted, very respectfully, many ancient practices that I truly believe help to “clear the clutter.” It’s not just about your physical space, which is essential, but about all the energy your home collects over some time.

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