Karen Cliche

When are you most comfortable?: When I am in stretchy pants and a freshly washed and heavily moisturized face!

The best part of waking up?: I am 100% a morning person….annoyingly so….;) I am at my most inspired, hopeful and productive in the mornings.

Yoga or HIIT?: Hot yoga all the way. Been doing it for 15 years and it is both exercise and meditation for me. I feel so grateful in yoga for my body that is strong and able.

Favourite thing about being part of the Vista team?: I have always had genuine excitement for wellness products, advertising and helping business thrive. Working in sales for Vista allows me to pursue that passion, and I love the connection I form with my clients and helping them promote their amazing products!

Favourite inspirational quote?: “No dress rehearsal, this is our life” from the Tragically Hip song. I always remind myself that we have one shot at this life and to make every day the best you can!