Kristin Van Vloten

Kristin van Vloten is a ghostwriter, copywriter, editor, and best-selling author. She founded Salvo Communications in 2014 to offer writing support to thought leaders who need to translate their vital insights into powerful content, including non-fiction books. Gifted with a strong sense of ideation and empathy, her best professional experiences involve helping clients to express thoughts they weren’t totally aware of possessing. (Imagine a friendlier, cuddlier version of Mr. Spock’s mind-meld.)

Q. Netflix series you recently binge-watched?

A. It’s not on Netflix but I recently binge-watched Season 3 of Twin Peaks. It’s some of the best television I’ve ever seen. However, if you’ve watched it, you’ll understand that binge-watching this series is going to make you feel pretty, pretty weird.

Q. When are you most comfortable?

A. When I’m wearing a costume. I dressed up as the legendary Mick Fleetwood for Halloween this year and felt like a million bucks.

Q. Go-to healthy snack?

A. This is probably a weird one for most people, but I love snacking on oysters. They’re full of zinc and they give me lots of energy.

Q. The best part of waking up?

A. Trying to remember my dreams. I love dreams.