by: Kelly Ebbert

As winter wraps us into its snow-covered blanket, it’s time for us to take a deep breath and start anew. Winter is the perfect time to retreat and refresh our bodies and minds, in order to heal both physically and mentally. We can get a massage, dive into a great book, or hang out with our closest friends.

One beautiful way we can reinvigorate ourselves this season is by revitalizing our sexual experiences. Of course, we can go about creating sexual experiences that help us refresh in a few different ways. We can bring new energy into the bedroom, take a weekend getaway with our partner, or simply start by getting a good night’s sleep. However, there are other methods people are using to get in touch with themselves, such as by incorporating CBD into their routine.

When it comes to sex, we must learn to be in tune with our bodies and be sure that we are keeping ourselves safe and healthy. Until recently, women’s sexual health had been largely understudied, and that lack of knowledge left women’s reproductive health complex and difficult to understand overall.

Around the world, sex is stigmatized in various degrees, so many people stray away from discussing it. This personally disconnects us from our experience and has kept us from fully understanding and researching women’s health. However, we have the chance to change the narrative and understand that women, like men, can suffer from sexual issues that we should be able to discuss openly.

Women’s sexual anatomies are complex. Due to this, researchers have had to navigate challenges while working to identify solutions for women’s issues, such as lack of natural lubrication and trouble reaching climax.

In recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of CBD and its potential benefits for a variety of different conditions. Now, research indicates that CBD may positively impact women’s sexual experiences and finally address some of these longstanding concerns.

According to a breakthrough study, researchers may have found a link between CBD and increased sexual stimulation.

Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, a lead investigator who oversaw the clinical trials in formulating Viagra, works with Manna Molecular, a company that seeks to understand the science behind cannabis. With Dr. Padma-Nathan’s expertise, Manna developed Vella, a CBD-infused topical serum designed to enhance feminine sexual pleasure, amplifying arousal and orgasms.

The development of this topical serum is quite fascinating because it directly displays CBD’s potential to improve the overall quality of a woman’s sexual experiences.

Interestingly, CBD is a fat-soluble substance. As an oil, CBD does not dissolve in water and it has a low absorption rate.

These factors matter because they signify CBD’s ability to be absorbed and utilized by the body. CBD’s fat solubility allows for it to be stored in the body’s cells, rather than being easily excreted like water-soluble materials.

Interestingly, this boosts CBD’s ability to work in a stable, enclosed water-soluble environment. In other words, using CBD during sex enhances its bioavailability, or increases the rate of absorption of the compound into the body. By incorporating CBD directly into sexual experiences, more can be absorbed by the body and can help achieve heightened effects.

Experimentally, CBD showed to have the potential to help increase lubrication, sexual stimulation, time in orgasm, and more. In trials, it relaxed smooth muscles which control arousal, as well as heightened sexual experiences as doses increased. Higher doses of CBD produced pronounced relaxation and increased blood flow resulting in clitoral engorgement and increased lubrication.

Everyone’s sexual experiences are different, but we all want to ensure that we are safe and comfortable. Indeed, research has also demonstrated that CBD bares no impact on condoms, making it quite conducive to safer sexual activity.

However, not all CBD topicals and lubricants are the same. Some utilize coconut oil. Not to worry, coconut oil still grants pleasant experiences. However, it cannot be used with condoms. Coconut oil breaks down latex, increasing the risk of condoms breaking. Take care and use a product such as Vella, as it is condom compatible and keeps your safety a top priority.

This winter, we have the capability to revitalize ourselves and enhance our experiences by incorporating CBD into our sexual experiences. Additionally, we have the chance to be more aligned with what we’re looking for and get back in tune with ourselves.

Taking this information with us may help to increase the quality of our future sexual experiences. However, we owe it to ourselves to keep our well-being in mind at all times. Always do your research to figure out what may work best for you. Let yourself relax and rest easy knowing that your sexual experiences can be safe, and you can expect to experience enjoyable times ahead.