Women’s bodies need specific nutritional support to thrive throughout the various stages of their lives. These powerful foods have been shown to address issues specific to women, supporting their life-long vitality.

Sweet Potatoes

With their high vitamin A content, sweet potatoes can keep urinary tract infections at bay. They’re also complex carbohydrates that give sustained energy and won’t cause blood sugar spikes or mood disturbances.


Women in their child-bearing and post-menopausal years need quite a bit of calcium to maintain strong bones. Plain yogurt is an excellent source of this essential nutrient, with plenty of other benefits, including potent probiotics for gut health.

Free-Range Eggs

Eggs are not only great sources of protein, but they’re rich in choline. This essential nutrient has been shown to lower rates of breast cancer. Please choose cage-free, free-range eggs, not only for their humane benefits, but for their higher nutritional value.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Although it goes under-reported, cardiovascular disease is one of the top killers of women. Extra virgin olive oil is a boon to heart health, with its monounsaturated fatty acids. These lower LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol and raise HDL (or “good”) cholesterol.


Women who want to have children often take folate supplements to ensure healthy pregnancies. But asparagus is a naturally rich source of this nutrient, along with plenty of prebiotic fibre, which boosts gut health.


These legumes are a potent source of plant-based iron, which many women tend to be low in. Plus, their fibre and protein content will provide energy, fullness, and better gut health. Keep anemia in check with frequent servings of lentis on salads and in soups.