Preparing a space for a new arrival? Here are a few ideas for creating the ideal nursery with a natural, eco-friendly approach.


If you’re hesitant to choose wallpaper for other parts of your house, the nursery can be a place where it really makes sense. Choose cheerful, adorable, unique prints in breathable, PVC-, POC-, VOC-, and vinyl-free options.

Choose Safe Toys

Because they’ll end up spending so much time in your child’s mouth, choosing safe, non-toxic toys is a must. When you can, opt for toys made from sustainable, natural materials, like bamboo or organic cotton. Toys without batteries or small parts are also best.

Thrift It

Spend a little extra time searching through thrift stores and online marketplaces. You can find beautiful and unique pieces for your little one that won’t break the bank or increase carbon emissions through their production.


An even lower-impact choice than thrifting is to find furniture that’s already in your home and repurpose it. (You’ll gain the added benefit of de-cluttering!) For example, maybe that end table could be a change table, or that bookshelf a place to stack diapers and onesies.