All bodies need a little rejuvenating sometimes.

We all want to look and feel younger, fresher, and more lively. But we tend to get stuck in habits that don’t feel good, especially after the holidays from too many Christmas sweets and overindulging — often keeping us from our health goals. The good news is our bodies want to thrive and be full of ener-gy.

Rejuvenating your body can help with the following:

1. Weight loss – Are you feeling discouraged about your weight? When stubborn weight doesn’t come off, it is a sign that your body is needing some rejuvenation.

2. Increasing energy levels – Diet and liver function play a massive role in our energy levels. With simple changes in your diet, you can improve your ener-gy levels and feel rejuvenated.

3. Eliminating toxins from your body – Toxins are everywhere. We all are ex-posed to carpets, cleaners, pesticides, and chemicals from our food and en-vironment daily. With some simple changes, you can put your body into a rejuvenation mode rather than an accumulative mode.

4. Reducing Cravings – Can’t stop reaching for the potato chips or choco-late? We all hate these cravings. When we take the time to reset our bodies with nourishing food, those craving will diminish.

For our bodies to thrive and become rejuvenated, small changes will allow ourselves to make more significant strides in the long run. Here are some simple ways to feel rejuvenated every day:

  1. Eat more whole fibre-rich foods like my glowing oat bowl recipe.
  2. Always opt for organic food when possible.
  3. Increase fruits and veggies. My glowing oat bowl is packed with berries that are high in antioxidants and perfect for rejuvenation.
  4. Drink more filtered water.
  5. Eliminate processed foods.
  6. Be in a state of mindfulness with your actions, choices, and thoughts. Re-juvenation all starts with the power of your mind.

Bio: Crystal Hughes is a plant-based lifestyle expert and the creator of Heart Fully Nourished, a blog filled with healthy nourishing plant-based recipes and wellness articles. Crystal is a registered holistic nutritionist and registered professional counsellor, with a passion for helping people live a nourished life. She is a professional food photographer, and her work has been fea-tured in international magazines. Check out