Often designated as the season of new beginnings, spring offers us a chance to wake up and smell the freshly blossoming flowers, to open our long shuttered windows and finally bask in the warm glow of the sun. In this time of growth, it only makes sense for us to take a moment to check in with ourselves and our health to raise awareness of any issues that may have gone unaddressed during the quiet of winter.

Due to gender inequity in the realm of medical practice, there is a substantial gap in medical research on women’s health. Combine that with the stigmatization of women’s bodies and female sexuality, and it becomes much more challenging to address sexual health issues. These are significant systemic issues that beg to be addressed, but it further clarifies that women’s sexual health goes much deeper than what meets the eye.

Our bodily systems work in unity with one another, and sexual health is no different, relying heavily on our bodies to work together to stay in good condition. According to Angela Mustone, sexual health industry expert and founder of sexual wellness cannabis brand HighonLove, “Sexual wellness is a key part of overall health. Multiple studies have proven that sexual satisfaction is not only beneficial for healthy relationships but also for physical health. Orgasms can help by reducing stress, boosting immunity, keeping your skin clear and helping you get better sleep… you might say they’re one of nature’s best health supplements.” Experts at Harvard tend to agree and have noted that because of the interconnectedness sex requires within the body, each aspect of us, from our mental health to intricate chemical balances, holds significant influence over our sexual health.

Our Sexual Being and Cannabis

Due to that same interconnectedness, it comes as no surprise that keeping our sexual health in check can prove to be a challenge. That’s where cannabis comes into play, as it might aid in promoting women’s sexual health and wellbeing. But, how and what does it add to our sex lives? “Cannabis can be an amazing tool for priming the body for pleasure,” says Mustone. “Especially for women, it’s common for our mental state to interfere with [our] ability to achieve arousal and orgasm. Cannabis can help you relax and tap into arousal, and then feel less inhibited and less “in your head” during sex itself – so you can truly enjoy every sensation and ultimately have an easier time achieving climax.”

Can Cannabis Really Do All of that?

Not only does cannabis have the potential to quell anxiety symptoms that can impact arousal, but it may also help with conditions such as painful intercourse, which can lead to decreased libido. There is a growing body of research that suggests that cannabis might be able to help mitigate some symptoms of pain. This easing of pain could ultimately aid in boosting sexual satisfaction and help you get back on good terms with your sexual health.

Intriguingly, cannabis can be used in other ways to enhance your sex life as well, such as cannabis-infused lubricants and even different types of cannabis. “[HighOnLove’s] Stimulating Oil and O Gel, which are applied topically to intimate areas, help to increase blood flow and boost sensitivity (in a good way) while simultaneously increasing natural lubrication. Right now, we’re preparing for the summer launch of a THC line in Canada that will include pre-rolls, dry flower and tinctures made with cannabis strains carefully selected to boost arousal and make sex even better,” says Mustone. Products like sexual lubricants can also benefit women’s health by reducing the risk of infection. When used with condoms, lubrication can decrease friction that can cause condoms to break. Less friction = increased pleasure and an excellent way to protect your sexual health. 

Like most research regarding cannabis, the relationship between sexual health and cannabis still needs to be studied further. However, it is promising that even if there is no direct link as of yet, due to the fascinating inner workings of the body and cannabis’ influence, cannabis could play a role in boosting sexual desire. By decreasing anxiety and enhancing performance, leading to a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, cannabis can be just the solution during some of our most vulnerable times.