Day in the Life
with CEO Rebecca McKillican

E-commerce leader, mom to three young children and green beauty aficionado, Rebecca McKillican has been helping online shoppers get their wellness product fix since 2012 as CEO of She shares a slice of life from her health-focused, hectic schedule.

Q. As a C-level professional and health-conscious mom to three young kids, what’s one wellness ritual you swear by that keeps you bright and energetic?

I am definitely not bright and energetic when I wake up (my one-and-a-half-year-old just started sleeping through the night). But after I drink my morning smoothie (recipe follows), I feel better (Note: I also drink a morning latte which helps too!).

Q. What’s your typical breakfast on a busy weekday?

Breakfast = a smoothie consisting of Greek yogurt, spinach, a banana, frozen mango and a big scoop of chia seeds (and when I want to spice it up, I add a little bit of lime and ginger). One hour later I also have a latte. This combo keeps me going!

Q. carries Canada’s largest assortment of green and natural brands. What’s your favorite green product in your purse right now?

My fave product is my Vapour Organics lip conditioner. I wear it on its own, or on top of a lipstick I love! I just love, love, love this product!

Q. In order to help balance a demanding personal and professional life, you book both your work and family appointments in one shared calendar with your staff. What other daily productivity hack can you share with us?

I am a list person. I always have my list going on my shared Google doc; one for work and one for home. Anytime I get a minute I look at my list and see what the next item I can knock off is. So silly but it works for me!

Q. With an online business, you must spend a lot of time “plugged in.” How do you unwind and shut down at the end of each day?

I shut down at the end of the day by unplugging and either talk on the phone to my mom or a good friend, or I turn on some of that reality television (yes I’m a sucker for it!).