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What Can We Do to Positively Affect Our Immune Health?

I love to learn how to improve my best health, and so much begins with immune health. There is a lot we can do to make it robust. By now, we are all aware that approximately 70-80% of our immune health resides in the gut. Think of our gut as a gatekeeper but also as an instructor. It both protects us and teaches our immune cells to differentiate between pathogens and our tissue. Our gut lining is relatively thin and is lined with immune cells. However, several factors can compromise the lining, thus negatively impacting our immune function.

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8 Kitchen Must-Haves to Support Your Immune System Naturally

Time to dust off that apron, and get into the kitchen to support your immune system naturally with these science-backed, must-have ingredients. You may be surprised at which foods researchers discovered while digging in the pantry, (and fridge) contain nutrients that help your immune system. Scoop up all the juicy details on why these delicious ingredients are so good for immunity, below. Plus, we’ve included a handy shopping list to help you get all of these kitchen must-haves into your next grocery cart.

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Colour Your Plate For Immune Health

The holidays are coming, and the weather is getting frostier! To me, this is a recipe for getting cozy with family and sharing some holiday indulgence! However, this year, with immune health at the forefront of our minds, it may be time to make some tweaks to our holiday favourites or focus on filling our plates with more immune-supportive nutrition. Let me show you what I mean.

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The Fierce Benefits of Fish Fertilization

Fierce Fish fermented fertilizer is a Vancouver Island-made, biologically active, and pollinator-friendly soil food suited for any and all of your growing needs. Fierce Fish was initially created as a brand for the smoked fish business. We later closed this operation, and the brand was shelved temporarily. My wife and I have been farming organically, utilizing permaculture techniques for nine years — to supply our family with healthy organic produce and meat.

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