Jessica Murnane
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Q+A with Know Your Endo Founder, and One Part Plant Podcast Host, Jessica Murnane

After struggling with severe endometriosis for years, and prepared to undergo a hysterectomy at age 33, Jessica Murnane turned to unprocessed, plant-based eating to manage her chronic disease and hasn’t looked back. Now, she’s raising awareness about this painfully common, but little-understood inflammatory condition with Know Your Endo.

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Organic Entrepreneur: Making it!

Former runway model turned ethical entrepreneur, Lee Capatina, turned a passion for Ayurvedic nutrition into a thriving business bringing the benefits of organic clarified butter to Canada, with Lee’s Ghee. Her company, Lee’s Provisions, is now expanding into organic teas to tempt taste buds with tulsi. Here, she shares the motivation behind her healthy mission.

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Koya Webb
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Redefining Core Strength

Koya Webb is known as a “transformational specialist” for good reasons. As a celebrity trainer, she blends yoga, holistic self-care, and strength training into a fun and functional package. Believing that all health flows from self-love, she created the Get Loved Up program, which helps clients practice daily self-care. She spoke with us about how women can show extra love to that most critical part of their physiques: their cores.

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Day in The Life Cynthia Loyst

Busy media personality, and co-host of CTV’s The Social, Cynthia Loyst is also a mother, a writer and a passionate pursuer of all things pleasurable. As a sex educator and advice columnist, she’s founded a website dedicated to helping women create healthy relationships with themselves and others. She tells us how she finds her own pleasures in her day-to-day life.

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