I come from a pet-loving family and have grown into an unabashed animal person. Even though I’ve had a career in the public eye as a broadcaster, I’m actually one of those introvert/extrovert mixes who usually feels more comfortable on the floor with someone’s dog or cat than making conversation with the adults.

I can often be spotted out and about in my neighbourhood trying to make friends with any dog who happens to be tied to a post waiting for its owner to finish errands somewhere nearby. OK, I’m starting to sound strange. Well, I guess I am!

My freak flag flies high for the furries.

I’m the proud pet parent to two of the world’s cutest cats: Nate and Bean. (That’s Nate’s face I’m squishing.) They’ve been with me for 16 years; that’s longer than some marriages! We’ve been through a lot together.

Nate and Bean have moved provinces with me. They’ve been through breakups and job changes, loss and illness. They don’t care if I’ve got a dried-up smoothie ring around my mouth or if I haven’t washed my hair in a week. They love me unconditionally, and I love them the same way. It’s an easy, uncomplicated, but emotional relationship. If you have a pet, you know exactly what I mean.

There are a lot of scientific theories out there as to why we humans love our animals so much. There’s even a term for the study of pet ownership called anthrozoology. And though researchers are still trying to determine the exact evolutionary reason we are a culture of pet lovers, I definitely resonate with Lauren Toyota’s take on it: we’re all connected (Mindfully Meatless).

So I’m thrilled that we have dedicated part of this issue to keeping our fur babies happy and healthy.

And since we’re all spending a lot more time outside this season with our animals or our human families, chances are we’re showing off a bit more skin. I know that I, for one, am paying particular attention to skin-loving nutrients like daily fish oils, tons of avocado, seasonal berries and ch-ch-ch-ch-chia, left, right and centre.

In honour of radiant summer skin, this issue is full of natural, practical tips to enhance your epidermis. I especially love our chat about holistic aesthetics with Province Apothecary founder, Julie Clark (Organic Entrepreneur). Oh, and did I mention, we have a recipe for watermelon cake?! (Veggie-Friendly Recipes). Our July/August issue is really the perfect summer read.

So find a comfy place and soak up a little safe vitamin D (How to Choose a Good Green Sunscreen) while you enjoy your summer and our latest issue of Vista!

Kim D’Eon