Skiing, Cross Country

While turning over another calendar year may not have the power to magically wipe last year’s slate clean, it certainly inspires the hope of renewal for most of us. I, for one, am welcoming 2018 with open arms and lots of intention setting.

I never, actually, make resolutions, but I think I’ll make an exception this year. Drumroll please…this year, I’m going to be kinder to myself. Sounds simple, but for many of us, it’s easier said than done.

If #kindness is new “cool”, surely we can turn some of that goodwill inwards and practice a little self-compassion this year. For me, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, this is one resolution I can (need to) really get behind. Turns out, being hard on yourself can be one of the unhealthiest things you can do that no amount of green smoothies can save you from.

So, forget extremes this New Year; did they ever really get you anywhere besides locked into a vicious stress-disappointment cycle? Let’s make a pact to practice some self-kindness as we set out on this next trip around the sun.

Why vow to get up at 5am for pre-dawn workouts if the idea makes you miserable? Why choke back a kombucha if you hate the taste? (There are plenty of other ways to get your probiotics.) If you find meditation too hard to stick with, try approaching it differently.

Let’s ditch the one-size-fits-all resolutions and, instead, practice “heart-centred goal setting”. Maybe we start by thinking about simply taking our time with things this year, avoiding distractions, noticing new details in old environments, or congratulating ourselves for the little wins instead of focusing on our perceived shortcomings. Listen, even sitting less is a great start!

In this issue, you’ll find lots of inspiration on different ways to hit that proverbial reset button and feel refreshed this year including, interviews with renowned vegan cookbook author, Angela Liddon, learning to live with less plastic from the founders of Life Without Plastic and a peek into A Day In The Life of high-octane fitness guru, Eva Redpath.

Maybe read the mag with a glass of wine, while taking a bath when you feel you “should” be doing something else.


Kim D’Eon