Bryan Farnum, extraordinary inventor and scientist, would like you to know that he is working hard for over seven billion people on this planet, to bring cutting-edge technologies that will save millions of lives over time. He recognizes that taking supplements is not the only answer. Unfortunately, many people will inherit genes through their bloodline that will not bring them good fortune with respect to health, not to mention environmentally triggered diseases that are on the rise, particularly when we speak of environmental cancers. This is becoming more and more of a problem each and every day. It’s really important for all of us to become more active in seeking knowledge on how to eat and exercise correctly and how to make wise choices in life.

Some choices in life cannot be avoided, such as firefighters who work with chemicals to put out fires, only to end up one day with an environmental cancer. Bryan is at the completion stage of developing a compound that he believes will cure up to 95% of all environmental cancers. The technology for this cure stems from thinking outside the box. At first, when most scientists look at the mechanics with respect to chemical synthesis, they will say: “That is not possible!” only to be shown by Bryan that it is possible. Bryan has a 100% success track record to date with respect to all of his patent filings. He knows that his cure for environmental cancer patent will be approved and will be shown to be very unique.

In prior Vista Magazine articles, Bryan has mentioned that he has developed, and fully patented, a very unique urine cancer-screening test. This test will have the capability of screening for early cancer detection, earlier than all other tests currently available. This test will show, on a yoctomolecular level (10-24), whether or not there is any type of active cancer anywhere in the human body. This very simple test interacts with a certain group of gases that are released into the urine when cancer is coming into the body. Oncologists will also be able to use this test to determine if their patients’ cancers are in remission and also to determine if their cancer treatments are working. This test detects a positive charge in the urine with the presence of certain gases. Bryan says cancer is the only disease that is capable of turning urine into a positive charge. In addition, Bryan has also developed a separate, patented chemical sensitivity test to show whether or not drugs and/or supplements are generally safe for human consumption.  

Bryan suggests that we all live a life of not worrying about the future, but to embrace your beliefs that bring harmony to oneself and to others. He reminds everyone that the best way to detoxify one’s body is by exercise; there is no better way. And he encourages everyone to join him Sundays on, when he speaks of cutting-edge ideas and technologies.