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Cocooning Naturally

Winter may not officially begin until the third week of December, but by November most of us are bundled up in sweaters or scampering to and fro with umbrellas and rain boots as the atmosphere above us turns to grey….

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Lifestyle, Mindfulness

The Soul: A Window to Your Immunity

Daily mindfulness practice can be a powerful tool in your body’s ability to defend against illness. Ignite your own, internal healing powers with these simple, but significant, spiritual strategies. For many of us, dropping temperatures are a cue to boost…

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Strawberry Smoothie
Nutrition, Recipes

Big food for little brains

As a dietitian, I naturally have a food-first approach to nutrition. I take great pleasure in preparing and eating home-cooked meals. I want to encourage and empower other people to experience the taste and nutritional satisfaction that come with eating…

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