Covid 19 Herbs
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The Most Promising Herbs for COVID-19

Herbs have not received the same kind of attention for COVID as the more famous vitamins like vitamins C and D. This neglect is a potential disservice in the fight against COVID. In China, 90% of COVID patients’ treatments include herbs, and a herbal combination that includes ginger and licorice has led to a positive response in 90% of COVID patients.

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Whole Home: Natural Ways to Bring Light into Your Home

With the springtime sun making a comeback, it’s time to maximize the light. Here are all-natural ways to increase the amount of light in your home. The more reflective surfaces in your home, the more natural light you will bring inside. Use objects like mirrors strategically, hanging them to face windows and double the amount of sunshine that enters your home. Shiny objects like metallic frames will also do the trick.

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